Friday, May 27, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 26: My Dream Job.

Outside of being a world famous author or a TV Comedy writer or an actor… the real dream job for me would be to be a trainer.

I have spent most of my career in positions where I have had to train people or mentor and I have been very successful at it. I have taken many people under my wing and given them opportunities to succeed.  Many of them have become leaders in their industries now.  Many are far more successful than I could ever have dreamed of. There are some who are high level figures who make crazy incomes. I am not jealous of that, I am actually proud. I have had a few people come to me and tell me that if it were not for me and how I helped them, they would not be where they are now.  That’s the best compliment to hear.

I decided long ago that I wanted to be that guy. The guy who would do what he could to make other around him better.  This started back when I got my first real job.  I was a part time collection rep.  It was a crap job but it was a foot in the door. The President of the company was a guy named Richard as well. He noticed that I was really working hard to learn my job and to be great at it.  He eventually offered me a full time job in a position that was way over my head.  I was going to be doing things that I did not understand.  He pulled me in his office and told me that he wanted me to succeed and that he would work with me to understand my position.  I would meet with him weekly and he would go through my work and give me pointers and advice on how to work better and more efficient. I learned a lot from him and he really set me on a path that was all about learning and adapting.  I eventually progressed into better opportunities and was put in charge of training people to use the system we worked with.

I spent many years in the auto finance industry.  I worked in credit and funding and internal audit. I was usually in a senior roll or a manager.  I focused on being the type of manager that would have made my first boss proud.  I made sure people were trained to use the system properly and to do their job efficiently. My goal was to make sure that anyone who wanted to progress and grow had the skill level to do it. Like I said, there are many successful people out there that I helped to get started.

I have worked with good people and bad ones.  I have trained good and bad as well. It’s easy to figure out who is in it to progress and who is in it for a paycheck. I have been put in charge of both kinds. Training the paycheck people is just as easy.  I learned a long time ago that most paycheck workers have never been motivated because they do not see growth potential.  I ended up being like that when I worked at Liberty.  I mentored some people there who are managers now. I could never progress there because I did not have college degree. At the time you could not qualify for many opportunities because you did not have a degree.  There were places I wanted to go within that company but it just wasn’t going to happen.  It made me sad leaving because the people I met there were damn good people. I am friends with more Liberty people than I am with Travelers people. I have friends for life from Liberty.

I will say at my most recent job I was given great opportunities to mentor and train.  I actually became a certified trainer. I trained so many people locally and at other offices. I took pride in that. There will be future leaders there that will be able to look back and see who really helped them get their start in commercial claims. Unfortunately my efforts were not as appreciated as I thought they should so I ended that relationship. 

I still believe I have plenty to offer and I will be out there again looking for the best opportunity that will take me from here to retirement.  I never set out to be the CEO because I know my place. I am content with being that person that would be completely happy as a full time trainer.  Traveling to other cities and living out of suitcases. Long days on my feet. Long hours on planes.  Long days of prep and planning. It was what I enjoyed doing and hopefully will get to do again.  Or I can just become an actor.   

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