Friday, May 27, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 25: What’s in My Wallet?

This is simple since I have my wallet with me. Ha.

1. Cash. Got $26 in $2 bills.  I am going to just hand them out eventually.

2. My debit card.

3. 2 credit cards.

4. My Hilton Honors Card.

5. A picture of my German Sheppard, Willie.  I always carry it. He was my favorite pet.

6. My Forever Young Record Discount card. I am 1 record purchase away from a $20 discount.

7. A Blank check.

8. Social Security card.

9. Funeral card from my Stepmother’s funeral.

10. A note my friend Nicole wrote me a couple years ago when I was in Hartford. She told me to hold onto it until I saw her again and she would write me another one.

11. My Driver’s License.

12. My Texas Insurance License.

13. My Austin Avenue frequent drinker card.

And that is it.

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