Wednesday, May 25, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 24: A Current Issue. (Foul Language Warning)


Well the topic of the news, outside of Trump vs Hillary, is all the issues people have with the LGBT community.  First people were mad just because people are gay. Then people got mad because they want to get married.  Then, God forbid, they wanted equal rights in all aspects of life like making medical decisions for their partner when needed. Now people are up in arms because Transgenders want to be able to pee when they are out.

Are you shitting me?  God forbid someone wants to pee or shit when they are out. 

First let’s talk about the first point.  Some people on this planet are gay.  They are born that way. Get past it and get over it.  Unlike assholes, they are born that way.  They didn’t “learn” it.  Yes there are some people that “dabble” with it in college when they are drunk and blah, blah, blah. But you need to realize that gay people exist and they are free to be who they are.

Gay marriage.  Why is this an issue?  Gay people want to get married.  So?  Here is something you need to really consider and I challenge you to educate yourself and talk to you gay friend...  You most likely have one… ask yourself this question, if you get past the first point that there are gay people in this world, if someone is gay and they want to get legally married, WHO will they marry?  Will a gay man marry a straight woman just so he can be married?  Oh it has happened but come on, who will they marry? I am a straight man and I want to eventually get married, so I will marry a woman.  Wow. Shocker. But if I were gay and met someone I wanted to spend my life with, I would want to marry that person.  Guess what, if I were gay in this situation I would want to marry my gay man partner. Wow. Shocker AGAIN!  Educate yourself. 

Now I understand the bible beaters that will throw out the whole “it’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!!!” Although you are proud of your bumper sticker statement there, you are no one’s judge.  If being gay is a sin then the sinner will be judged by God.  Thinking YOU are God is a sin all in itself you false idol you… Do you think getting a divorce is a sin?  Do you think cheating on your spouse is a sin?  I know married people who do it all the time.  The biggest gay marriage bashers I have seen on social media have a few divorces under their belts. Why try to ban a gay couple from experiencing your “happiness”.  One person on my Facebook is such a basher of gay marriage and I think it is because he is jealous.  He is such a super dickhead that no one, gay or straight, would even date him, let alone marry the jerk.  I blocked his bigoted ass a long time ago.

The other fact is that it is now the law.  Agree or disagree, as a law abiding citizen of this country you should abide by the law.  You should also just mind your own business and worry about you and your own life but that’s neither here nor there.

Now the whole transgender bathroom deal. First, really?  Second, really?  Third, are you shitting me again?

This is such a big deal right now and I am trying to figure out why.  Transgender people have existed for years and years and years. I am wondering if this was all just and election year deal.  I mean some people went crazy off over it.  I know with Bruce turning to Caitlyn put it out there but was that it?  Was that such a shocker to our humanity?  Now most of our Transgender friends are not as “lucky” as Caitlyn to have the money and fame to hire stylists and security and all that.  Many Transgender people still have to fly below the radar to navigate this world where they could be harmed physically and mentally by the less understanding and uninformed.  I have a friend since like first grade who is a Transgender.  When he announced that he was now a she, I was happy that she was able to be who she was meant to be. I bet her friends list became smaller but it’s just Facebook and it has proven to not be real life. I mean I have been unfriended and blocked and I did not disappear, to the sadness of many apparently.

The headline issue about this is that apparently if your kid goes into a bathroom with a Transgender, they are instantly molested.  Uh, been to Subway lately? 

Here is a fact, most molesters don’t dress up as the opposite sex to molest a kid. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen but Subway Fogle was raping little boys and girls and was paying for someone to send them to him.  I don’t recall him being in a Prada dress when he was raping little boys.  He, along with many sick bastards like him, was raping as often as he could and was not doing it in the bathroom.  Yes, I do not want a molester in the bathroom with my kid.  A molester I said… But guess what I do, when I am with Max at the movies and he needs to go to the bathroom, I go with him!  Now it would be different if he was a little girl. I have been at the ballpark or restaurant where a dad has to come into the men’s bathroom with his little girl. I have always heard the man tell his girl to keep her eyes closed and I have always seen the men at the urinals concealing themselves as she passes. It is what respectful people do.  I have never seen some dude whip his junk around at the little girl.  Mainly because the rest of us would kick an ass quick. 

I knew a child molester.  Father Rudy Kos.  Look him up.  He didn’t wear a dress, he wore a collar. 

Now I do get that there is an issue with schools.  And I get it because I was a horny high school kid.  If all I needed to say was that I identified as a female so I could go into the girls bathroom to see if the carpets matched the drapes, I would probably have done so because, once again, I was a stupid horny high school kid.  There needs to be open and honest education and dialog in our schools. When I was in high school there were gay kids. No one knew they existed back then because it was a different time, but there were.  Now kids are comfortable enough to be open and out as who they are.  There are still struggles but it is not like it was when I was in school. I don’t know if there are openly Transgender kids in schools out there.  According to the crazy press there are thousands upon thousands in every single school. 

Although the times are different, there is not 100% safety for kids in schools who are openly gay and they do need to be allowed to be safe.  There needs to be something in place to allow for their protection and safety in bathrooms and locker rooms.  I don’t know what that is, I am no expert at all.  But what I do know is assuming that every gay or Transgender is just “acting” so they can creep in bathrooms to molest kids is naïve and just plain ignorant.  Creepers have always been out there.  And they will continue to be.  But ask yourself the questions, would you rather trust your kid to be in a public bathroom with Caitlyn Jenner or Jared Fogle?  I will bet you a $5 footlong that I already know the answer…

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