Tuesday, May 17, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 16: If I Won The Lotto.

Now let’s assume this is one of those $50 million ones, not like a $2.5 million.  If I won the $2.5 million one I would not change a thing.  After taxes I would have just enough money to not have to work again.  So there would not be much to the cool factor with that.

So let’s say Richard just won $50 million. (Probably $35 million left after taxes) 

First I would pay off any debt I have.  That is a given.  I would then buy a couple cars.  1 really nice full size Sedan, a large SUV and a Corvette.  That way I can drive practical and cool.

I would buy a bus sized RV.  Not a basic one, but one of those that has like a mini Cooper under it so when I go somewhere I can have a car with me too.  I would also buy a medium sized RV too for short trips.  I like to roadtrip so many things I buy would be based on that. 

I would travel a lot.   I am not about foreign countries so I would probably spend a year or 2 on the road.  I would go to every state and see every landmark.  I would probably fly in a friend here and there to travel a bit with me.  I assume I would have a lot more friends once they know I have millions. 

I would fix up my mom’s house exactly the way she wants it.  I would replace her car with a new one and make sure she doesn’t have to pay another bill.

I would set up funds for my nephews to make sure college is handled.

I would find a charity I can believe in and support it.  I would spread the wealth around and try to do some good.  I would support food banks and women’s shelters.

I have thought that I would maybe start a business or buy a bar or something but I have no intent of having to work again and those thinks involve working.  I am almost 50 so I would live it up.

I would go check into a hospital and take care of any issues with my body.  If I have anything wrong with me, I would pay to fix it.

I would have a personal trainer and chef so I could be as healthy as possible.

I would buy a place in Los Angeles so I can have a nice vacation spot.  I would probably have my friend Meriam live there so someone can maintain the location while I am not there.  I would only be there a week or 2 every once in awhile so it would be good to not have to stay in a hotel.

I would buy innocent people and bathe in their blood as kind of a quickening deal to stay young. (just kidding, wanted to see if anyone is reading this far! Hahha)

Other than that, I will have fun, do cool things… live it up.

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