Saturday, May 14, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 13: My Views on Drugs

Well this topic popped up for today and I just saw an article about the death of Prince and how the State of Minnesota is looking to reform the prescribing of Opiates by doctors in their state.

Now my drug use is limited to smoking some weed back in college and maybe 2 times since then (1991).  I have never tried, or intend to try harder drugs like cocaine or meth or whatnot.  I have never had the thought or desire to.  Now I have seen them in use on many occasions at parties and clubs.  It is no big deal to me because I would never participate.  I don’t need to.  I have never been pressured to try either.  Usually someone doing a harder drug doesn’t share like someone who brings a case of beer.

Of all the people I have met, there have been all types of users.  Most are recreational.  They will do drugs at a New Year’s Eve party or some other major event.  Most people my age, and the ones I hang out with are in corporate America and there is drug testing so they stay away.  Of course, people have secret lives so who really knows.

If you were to ask me back before October 27th about pain killers and their addictive ability, I would tell you that people need to get over all that.  Why would anyone be addicted to pain pills?  That’s stupid.  Well on October 27th I had major stomach surgery and I lost 90% of my stomach.  It was the single most painful thing I have ever been through in my life.  I could not move and God forbid I had to cough.  When I did, I thought I was going to die.  The pain was that severe.  I got prescribed a monster dose of liquid Codeine.  It was strong.  I have been on pain medication before and they never had any reaction to me.  I could never feel the difference.  This time I did.  I was given a large bottle and had 1 refill that came with it.  If you ever have to get pain meds from a Pharmacy, you have to present ID and sign a waiver and do a consultation with the Pharmacist.  It is a big deal. 

 I was in such bad pain the first 3 weeks so I would take my pain meds so I could at least sleep with some level of comfort.   I took the required dose and within 1 minute I was such an amazing state of euphoria.  I felt peace and love and all that shit that goes with it. That moment I immediately understood why people get addicted to pain meds.  I never took more that allowed but the feeling was amazing and peaceful.  And that is never a good thing.

It’s easy to say “don’t do drugs” or “drugs are bad, M’kay” but have you ever been addicted to anything? Do you know what it is like to be needing something and the craving never stops until you get what you need?  This goes beyond drugs.  It is alcohol, sex, food, so many things.  The feelings I got were really scary.  I had thoughts about how I could get more once I ran out.  Thankfully I just stopped one the script ran out and I was done.  For many, there is no “done”.  That is horrible because the cycle doesn’t easily end.  I was always scared that I would get addicted if I ever did a hard drug, so I never did them.  Weed was not good because it burned my lungs so bad. 

 According to reports Prince possibly died due to an overdose of pain meds.  It is still unclear since toxicology reports are not back yet but there are several reports stating that he died due to that.  This is so sad because he was not getting the meds on his own.  He had help.  It is so sad when people enable.  Many die daily due to this and it seems to only be something that comes to light if a celebrity dies.  Either way, someone, or many, helped him get prescription drugs.  People probably helping him because he said so and now he is dead.  The money train is permanently stopped now isn’t it?

 I don’t have answers to drug use.  I know that it is no joy to be addicted to anything…  There is nothing good about being addicted to drugs because people die everyday.  It is never good to enable either.  No matter the status of the user.  Death is permanent.

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