Saturday, May 21, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 20: RIP Georgie.

Had to put one of my mom's cats down today. His name was Georgie. A few years back my someone found him abandoned and called my mom.  He was tiny.  We had to feed him with a bottle since his mom abandoned him.  He survived that ordeal.

Georgie was the hunter cat. There was always a time where my mom would call me and tell me that there was a squirrel or bird in the house because Georgie caught it and brought it in.  He was nuts like that.

Georgie was one of my favorites of my mom's cats mainly because I could go outside and call for him and he would come running. He always let me hug him too.  He never bit me or scratched me.

Georgie got sick a few months back and almost died. My mom nursed him back. She would force feed him tuna and water.  He made a full recovery and was soon back to his old ways. A couple weeks ago he developed a cough.  It would come and go but got real bad yesterday.  He was having trouble and would wheeze so bad. I tried to catch him last night but he hid out under the bay window. He finally came out this morning and my mom took him to the Vet ER.  There was an issue with his breathing tube and it would not open so they had to stick a tube down his throat.  They ran his blood to see what was going on and it turned out that he had feline AIDS. They were testing for leukemia as well but the AIDS was enough to determine that we needed to put him down. 

He was suffering with the breathing issue and only surgery could fix it if his blood was clear.  I took Max back to see him and say his goodbyes.  Max was crying, as you can only imagine.  He loved Georgie.  Georgie was the cat that would always sleep with Max. I told him to pet Georgie one last time and he wouldn't.  But he then decided to.  It was hard for him but he was being brave.  I am proud of him. He has seen way too much in his young life and that sucks.  He is so sad right now but is putting on a brave face.

Georgie, we will miss you.  Your cat family is waiting on you at the Rainbow Bridge now. You go and have fun and play.  We will see you again.  Tell everyone hi from us and we love them.  We all love you too baby boy.

RIP Georgie

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  1. So very sad. Pets are family...they give to us unconditionally as no human can. Just wordlessly - yet saying so much. Hearts and hugz.